Friday, January 30, 2009

Why you shouldn't follow the so called professional investors?

I love that video. I'm glad I found investment sense on March 16th 2008 when I got out of stocks and corporate bonds. Don't be fooled by investment performance in a bull market. Even asshats make money in bull markets. I'm no genius and I made a good chunk of change in the bull market from 2002-2007. I have many friends who think their investment guy is smart when all he does is tells them to "buy and hold." The investment advisor collects his trail on the mutual fund no matter how bad it performs. Buy and hope works great in a market where there's a 25 year credit expansion. The "buy and hold" investment philosophy is dead. RIP.

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Debbie said...

aye birch, I enjoy the blog. It is dark, creepy, and frightening, just like these financial times.

The RIP verdict at the end is a nice touch.