Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Sums up the Bailout BS

The banks did the same thing during the great depression. The banks didn't write off the mal investment of the 20's until after World War II.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Currently the Dow is down over 50%. My feeling is the market has 20-25% farther to fall. Today February 25th 2009 the Dow closed at 7270. I think the market will bottom between the 5000 to 6000 level. This will be remembered as the Great Depression of my time. I can't believe some people are riding this out and staying in equities. If you have 100k invested in equities and you lose 66%. You have to then gain a return of 200% just to get back to even. I think most people are brain washed by their financial advisor.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get this guy on TV.

Dilley holler at your boy. I happen to share the same beliefs.

"Everybody knows when your borrowing money just to pay the interest you're fu$ked....................How do you guarantee paper with more paper"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Government Regulation, Does it Really Matter?

The bigger the government plan the farther the market goes down.
Label Date WSJ Lead Headline
1 6/3 Obama Clinches Nomination.
2 6/7 Markets Slammed by Oil, Crude Leaps Nearly $11.
3 6/10 Big Loss At Lehman Intensifies Crisis Jitters.
4 6/11 Inflation’s Bite Worsens Around World.
5 6/21 Ford Reels as Truck Sales Plunge.
6 6/28 Dow Hits Bear-Market Territory.
7 7/12 Crisis Deepens as Big Bank Fails: IndyMac Seized In Largest Bust In Two Decades.
8 7/14 Treasury and Fed Pledge Aid For Ailing Mortgage Giants.
9 7/16 SEC Moves to Curb Short Selling.
10 8/11 Russia Widens Attacks on Georgia.
11 9/8 US Seizes Mortgage Giants FNM and FRE.
12 9/15 Crisis on Wall Street as Lehman Totters, Merrill Is Sold, AIG Seeks to Raise Cash.
13 9/17 US To Take Over AIG in $85 Billion Bailout; Central Banks Inject Cash as Credit Dries Up.14 9/20 US Bailout Plan Calms Markets, But Struggle Looms Over Details.
15 9/22 Goldman, Morgan Scrap Wall Street Model, Become Banks in Bid to Ride Out Crisis.
16 9/26 WaMu Is Seized, Sold Off to JP Morgan, In Largest Failure in US Banking History.
17 9/30 Bailout Plan Rejected, Markets Plunge, Forcing New Scramble to Solve Crisis.
18 10/4 Historic Bailout Passes As Economy Slips Further.
19 10/14 US to Buy Stakes in Nation’s Largest Banks.
20 10/23 Markets Fall as Fears of Slump Span World.
21 10/28 Crisis Deals New Blow to Japan: Stocks at ‘82 Levels.
22 11/5 Obama Sweeps to Historic Victory.
23 11/19 Big Three Plead For Aid.24 11/
24 US Agrees to Rescue Struggling Citigroup.
25 12/12 Top Broker Accused of $50 Billion Fraud.
26 12/17 Fed Cuts Rates Near Zero to Battle Slump.
27 12/29 Israel Pounds Gaza Again, Signals More on the Way.
28 1/3 Manufacturing Tumbles Globally.
29 1/8 Corporate Scandal Shakes India.
30 1/10 Citigroup Takes First Step Toward Breakup.
31 1/15 Bank of America to Get Billions in US Aid.
32 1/21 President Barack Obama.
33 1/23 Thain Ousted in Clash at Bank of America.