Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bounce of the Big Banks

1) Withdraw your cash from the TBTF banks and hoard it instead

2) Boycott doing business with the TBTF banks

a) No deposits at TBTF

b) No debit cards or credit cards at TBTF

c) No CD's or savings at TBTF

d) No Retirement accounts at TBTF

e) No loans at TBTF

3) Sell any shares you own of TBTF banks and buy community and regional banks

4) Re-finance your loan through a community bank

5) If you are financially protected with lots of assets, default on your unsecured loans after following item 7

6) If you are threatened with foreclosure ask the TBTF banks for the mortgage paperwork. Most likely they won't have it. Make their lives miserable.

7) Protect your savings by buying gold, not TBTF bank products

8) If you are unable to do any of the above (highly unlikely) pay off your loan quicker, reducing their interest income

End the Fed! Separation of State from Money!


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