Monday, February 28, 2011

Yep No Orange Jumpsuits Yet, Do Your Job!

This was pointed out while collecting an Oscar. Extend and pretend and everything will eventually be OK. Off topic, I'll bet in the next year the US military is on Libyan soil to make them more free and democratic, but really this will just be a guise to steal their oil. Bets anyone?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Commencement Address

She figured this all out before the time she turned 18, WOW! Indoctrination to the conditioning of getting a job at a big corporation under the rule of secret government. I felt like a robot going to the corporate rat race for 9 years! Thinking is not valued and dissent gets you fired in corporate world. This is one of the reasons the US Department of Education needs to be dissolved. Standardized tests are a measure of a good test taker. Many people never think about what they are really doing and if it is really good and right. People don't question and mindless adherence to the rules is the norm.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Your Life According To The Government

I know many people who are happy to live under our current system. Why do people feel a debt based monetary system is a good thing that is in the people's interests. Interest, Inflation, and Taxes are gaurenteed to keep you on that spinning wheel to nowhere.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Money Creation

Hence the problem and the reason my attorney buddy is leveraged beyond the universe. My attorney friend seems to like his enslavement. I think he's got a case of the Stockholm Syndrome. He seems to believe what he's told in the media and he believes that Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or Larry Ellison are the richest people in the world. The richest people are behind the international banks like David Rockefeller and the Rothschild family who control the central banks in five European countries. My attorney buddy should go to Chris Martenson's website and watch the whole crash course it would do him a service. I guess ignorance is bliss. Good day all.

IMF & World Bank Reality

It's amazing how when you get older and see how things really work you can get disenchanted with the world. The IMF and World Bank give the people the front of doing good and helping people but in reality they cause more starvation and poverty by design. Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins, his book details his consulting work relating to the IMF and World Bank. I really can't believe the people have allowed this scheme to go on for this long considering the damage private banking has caused. The IMF basically makes you sign a bad contract under duress and if you can't repay they will send in the military to take your resources like oil, farm land, ect ect or through privatization. This is going on world wide in Europe and will be coming to the United States. The contract probably states your exchange rate, the monetary policy you must follow, interest rates to be charged and the interest rate you can charge to atract capital. This is presently going on in the United States now with the devaluing of our currency which makes good from China cost more and your ability to export via production is reduced also. Which the end result is a reduction of living standards to a country's citizens. These are both good videos.

Exporting Global Inflation Compliments of the Federal Reserve

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I've written a couple posts on this in past. Dylan Ratigan has covered this banking fraud perfectly. He started with the 700 billion dollar bailout which came after Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and still we have seen NO yellow jumpsuits by the cullprits. Yes the unemployment rate went down today to 9% because discouraged workers unable to find work and dropped out of the denominator in the equation. In theory total goods and services produced should equal the money and credit being circulated multiplied by the velocity of the circulation. If there's more money in circulation via electronic money printing at the Federal Reserve which has become the World Bank, then the currency now has less value and real goods rise in price. Yes folks it's a giant cover up of blatent fraud.