Friday, February 4, 2011

Exporting Global Inflation Compliments of the Federal Reserve

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I've written a couple posts on this in past. Dylan Ratigan has covered this banking fraud perfectly. He started with the 700 billion dollar bailout which came after Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and still we have seen NO yellow jumpsuits by the cullprits. Yes the unemployment rate went down today to 9% because discouraged workers unable to find work and dropped out of the denominator in the equation. In theory total goods and services produced should equal the money and credit being circulated multiplied by the velocity of the circulation. If there's more money in circulation via electronic money printing at the Federal Reserve which has become the World Bank, then the currency now has less value and real goods rise in price. Yes folks it's a giant cover up of blatent fraud.


Cousin Leon said...

That's quite a stretch to blame the civil unrest in the Middle East on the Fed's increased circulation of the dollar. The unrest more likely results from the people's revolt against the tyrannical leaders the CIA has placed in power throughout the region. The Fed and Obama's monetary policies have saved our economy from complete collapse, and history will look back on the Administration as heroic.

Trader Bob said...

Cousin Leon you are a low rag grade moron. My next post will prove your folly. There are no truths an your mind because a double minded man finds no resting spot. He views blow with the wind. He eats the soup d'jour. Leon just because I like to use facts doesn't mean you win an argument. I'll have you know, the dollar is the world's reserve currency. Global commodity prices are quoted in dollars. Egypt's currency is pegged to the US dollar. Some facts for you to ponder. Prices rise people can't afford food. They get mad. They riot. What part don't you seem to under stand. In my next post, I'll use charts.

Trader Bob said...

Leon please see videos on IMF and World Bank on Feb 4th