Friday, February 4, 2011

IMF & World Bank Reality

It's amazing how when you get older and see how things really work you can get disenchanted with the world. The IMF and World Bank give the people the front of doing good and helping people but in reality they cause more starvation and poverty by design. Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins, his book details his consulting work relating to the IMF and World Bank. I really can't believe the people have allowed this scheme to go on for this long considering the damage private banking has caused. The IMF basically makes you sign a bad contract under duress and if you can't repay they will send in the military to take your resources like oil, farm land, ect ect or through privatization. This is going on world wide in Europe and will be coming to the United States. The contract probably states your exchange rate, the monetary policy you must follow, interest rates to be charged and the interest rate you can charge to atract capital. This is presently going on in the United States now with the devaluing of our currency which makes good from China cost more and your ability to export via production is reduced also. Which the end result is a reduction of living standards to a country's citizens. These are both good videos.


Cousin Leon said...

I thought you supported a free market system? The IMF and World Bank are not forcing these loans on people, they are simply getting the best terms the market allows. Should the people who took out ridiculous mortgages that they had no hope of paying be fully excused from the need to repay? The US Gov't and big banks control the world you live in because they hold the wealth, and you cannot attain your own prosperity sitting in your basement in your pajamas every day. Enjoy your free market.

Trader Bob said...

You Leon son of Buck and father of Cooner are in need of an education. Money in our system is created out of debt, not savings because of the fractional reserve banking that the United States employs. Real wealth is not created out of debt and invested. It's supposed to be saved and then invested. Next video might get your lips off the short bus windows.